"Renovations by Dave Covillo completed two extensive remodels on our outdated Northwood home: the first in 2008 and the second in 2009. Both projects were completed on time and within budget. We couldn’t be happier with the results. We chose Dave based on our consultations with him, his reputation among his peers, personal references from clients and examples of his skills showcased in Remodel Spokane Magazine. Dave and his team by far exceeded our expectations with quality of workmanship, professionalism and work ethics. Based on our experience, anyone considering any type of home improvement project or addition without talking to Dave Covillo is missing out."

Merna and Dave Wildenberg

"What does a person do when parents die and an antique corner cupboard that has been at their home now comes to your home but you have no corner in your house. That was the situation we were in a year ago. We could move to the corner cupboard or buy a new home or remodel the home we lived in and loved. Opting for the latter, we began to search for someone to do the work. We asked Mike Cooke, a home builder, who he would ask if he were to remodel his home and without hesitation he said Dave Covillo. Having heard horror stories about remodeling experiences and being told by other builders/contractors, I made the call to Dave and he came to meet us and our dogs…big dogs! Yes, he could and would do the job and, most important, we could stay in the house and the dogs could stay as well. That was in April and by June 9 we had packed our entire upstairs, moved to the basement and the crew (crews) began arriving – on time, every day, as scheduled. The job was to be finished by September but by mid-August we had our new home…three weeks early. Telling Dave from the beginning that I knew nothing about decorating, he assured me there was no problem as I would have decorators to help me. It was and they were wonderful. A woman said to me she would love to remodel but the thought of strangers in her home made her shudder. When the job was finished, I actually missed each of the guys that had worked here. They were professional, prompt, polite and each day left the house cleaner than it usually was under my watch….no dust, no nails, no stacks of wood. The huge power vacuum was the last thing I heard at the end of each work day (and to keep on schedule, they occasionally asked to work on Saturday)! Renovations by Dave is an exceptional company watched over by Dave Covillo. I would highly recommend him and every one of the members of his company to anyone considering a remodel (large or small) of their home."

Emily Sue Pike and Don and Suzie Dog and Spud Dog

Dave Covillo was our contractor in the summer of 07. He remodeled our kitchen and 2 bathrooms as well as putting in hardwood in our main entry way and dining area. We would absolutely hire him again for any work in the future. Dave is an honest guy who does excellent work and stands behind it. As with any project, there are always a few hiccups, but he took care of them without hesitation. He always knew what was going on with our home. We love our remodel and enjoy our house so much more now. It turned out so much better than we even anticipated! We really enjoyed having interior designer Gregg Johnson, as well. There are so many choices when it comes to tile, countertops, paints, fixtures. It can be overwhelming. He helped us narrow it down based on our style and budget. Coyote Creek Cabinets are awesome. They were great to work with and do beautiful work! Dave's estimate is very accurate as well as long as your eyes don't get too big for your wallet. We are proud that we were able to stay within out budget on this project. You are on the right track for a great remodel with Dave!

Robb and Heather Wargo

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